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  • Leaving Your BD
    Leaving Your BD Follow a new path of fiduciary responsibility by joining or establishing your own RIA.
  • Turnkey Solutions
    Turnkey Solutions You focus on your current business while we handle everything else you need to transition properly.
  • Empowering Technology
    Empowering Technology Helping you utilize the latest technology to go paperless and stay mobile.

Become an IAR

Becoming an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) is the new standard in wealth management compared to being a Registered Representative.

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Join an RIA

We have a list of trusted partner RIAs who have built a rapport, brand, and platform ready for you to begin building the next stage of your career.

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Start My RIA

We’ve got the process on lockdown, and we’re so confident in it, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Get started today.

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Succession Plan

We understand you spent your career building your book, and approach each succession planning case as a unique situation with tailored solutions.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

- Leonardo da Vinci


Capitalizing on our experience as fiduciary advisors, we spent years developing and fine tuning a proven series of presentations geared towards prospective individual clients, seminars, luncheons, and businesses. These too are branded to uniformly match your RIA’s professional image.

Here at SimplyRIA, we are experts at launching new RIA firms, both through the state and the SEC. Our registration process will expeditiously create your RIA entity for you enabling you to focus on conducting business. It’s not something you want to consider doing yourself, trust us on that one!

SimplyRIA understands that creating a business entity and building a successful business are not the synonymous. As part of our turnkey system, we are able to create and brand your new RIA’s documentation. From letterheads to asset allocation questionnaires everything will have uniform professional branding matching the logo and name you or your group choose or are already known for.

In order to optimize your ability to hit the ground running, adhering to the nature of our turnkey program,  we offer a complete package of professional and comprehensive marketing material. Just like the documents we create for you, we are able to deliver to you a complete marketing package. This includes folders to build new client paperwork kits, compelling brochures, seminar/luncheon invitations, & more all intended to meet the caliber of the industry’s most reputable financial advisories and expedite the acquisition of clients.

We offer indepth and ongoing compliance services, as part of our ongoing commitment to your new RIA’s success. This ensures you worry free knowing you are legal and compliant as your business grows. From inception onwards we are able to conduct quarterly and annual compliance reviews.  Compliance support is also available to answer questions and perform compliance checks as needed.


The process of setting up a RIA or becoming an IAR isn’t simple in the least. It’s not a process that fits into a tidy little box that fits everyone. But, it’s only complex if you haven’t done it countless times. We chose the name SimplyRIA because we preach simplicity in our process and our turnkey solutions. You’ll find out why more and more businesses are turning to our simple approach to setting up their RIA or becoming an IAR throughout this site. Some of the key benefits of working with SimplyRIA include:

  • Fast Track to Successful Advisorship: Don’t just settle for passing your Series 65, become a true financial advisor!
  • Focusing on Your Niche: CPAs, Broker Dealers, Agents, & Lawyers we understand how to help grow your core business while adding financial advising.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: The compliance you need to sleep soundly and stay up-to-date with the latest changes.
  • Customized Turnkey Solutions: Your business doesn’t fit in a box, so neither do our turnkey solutions which are branded for you.


Whatever you are currently doing, stop and ask yourself, wouldn’t your career be easier if you had a more comprehensive offering to your clients? One where fees are the only compensation and your fiduciary oath to your client supersedes all? We agree with you. Contact us today to learn more about how SimplyRIA can help you make that transition.

Series 65 Exam

Pass your Series 65 exam with our Fast Track to Successful Advisorship program.

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RIA Registration

We'll help you become a state or SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.

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Full Compliance

We offer in-depth and ongoing compliance services as part of our commitment to you.

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Branded Benefits

You'll be off and running in no time with our complete line of turnkey solutions.

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