IAR and CPAs

As a successful CPA you understand the commitment to your client’s interests that builds strong advisory practices.  By adding a Series 65 and becoming a fiduciary IAR you can unlock a truly aligned financial product line for your clients.

It’s Pretty Easy

Our “Fast Track To Successful Advisorship” program is a turnkey system that will get you licensed to act as a fiduciary advisor and pass your Series 65. Your acumen and strong financial knowledge has equipped you with a strong foundation for launching your advisor career and passing the exam. SimplyRIA is here to help you expand your practice, as an IAR you may join an existing RIA so you can focus solely on building your assets under management without the need to manage the assets themselves. Using SimplyRIA’s processes your tax season won’t be any more difficult, you won’t have to deal with any additional regulatory bodies, and you and your clients will enjoy an improved relationship that you now both benefit from even more.

You Make Complex Seem Simple, So Do We

As a CPA you work hard to make sure your clients have their money in the right places when it comes to taxes and loans. You simplify what is confusing to many like it’s second nature. Well-being an IAR makes it even simpler for your clients to understand your fees. As an IAR your compensation is exclusively fee based, ensuring you and your clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with aligned incentives and full transparency. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Expand Your Business

Your bread and butter service is probably centered around the 1040 business. And more and more accounting publications are forecasting financial advising to be the future of the profession, yet nationally only 1% of your peers have already expanded their offerings. By becoming an IAR you get to create a value added service for your clients that your competition can’t. You’ll get more 1040 business because of it.

We’re still not sure what you’re waiting for. Remember, we are here to run your compliance, asset management, marketing, and more, so you can focus on your clients and your business. Contact Us today to get your process started.