IAR and Registered Reps

You’ll see a recurring theme on our site: Dump your wirehouse today! And the reason is fairly simple: It’s an old model that is going to flame out. You’re losing business every day to an IAR or RIA who gets to present a fiduciary obligation to a client in a fee-based world of compensation. Your “commission breath” is toxic, and it’s reinforced by the wirehouse team too. Make the switch today and see what becoming an IAR can do for you.

You Don’t Have To Go All In

Just because a RIA gives you more freedom than becoming an IAR, it doesn’t mean it is the ideal solution for everyone. In fact, you may not want to go through all the compliance, setup, paperwork and process because you just want to hit the ground running. We understand. Become an IAR, let one of our affiliated RIAs handle all the compliance and regulations, and go out and grow your book of business. You know what you are capable of. Imagine yourself without having to carry the stigma or burden that is associated with your wirehouse firm.

SimplyRIA is just that, simple.

Ask any of the wirehouse advisors who strategically transitioned their book of business to a RIA platform employing SimplyRIA. Our commitment to a truly turnkey process ensures you one thing: simplicity. That way you can focus on the most important aspect: serving your clients.   SimplyRIA is proud to be a participating member of protocol, and to have helped countless wirehouse advisors make the fiduciary commitment and unlock a simple client focused practice as they see fit.  And when you take advantage of our services you’ll enjoy the full commitment of our support team and compliance department, ensuring a seamless launch of your new firm.   Your success is ready to be unleashed. You just have to unleash it.

We are aware of the highly sensitive nature of leaving your wirehouse. Please contact our Institutional Transition Team. We promise that everything will be kept strictly confidential until you are ready to make the move. For those bringing an existing book to a preferred partner RIA contact us to explore the details and benefits that await you specifically.