IAR and Women Advisors

Trust us when we say that we understand the perseverance and passion that distinguishes women in wealth management. Your commitments to your clients and your career have driven you to success. Now you just need to take the next step and free yourself from the bureaucracy and culture of those traditional wirehouses. It’s time you moved up a notch on your career path and also benefited your clients. Secure your title as an IAR using our “Fast Track to Successful Advisorship” program and you’ll be there before you know it.

Women Manage More Money Than Men*

It’s true. According to a Fidelity Investments survey in late 2012, women, on average, managed 5% more assets than men. Of course this makes sense to you as a woman. You provide a level of understanding and commitment to your clients that your male counterparts struggle to compete with. Now, by becoming an IAR, you can offer your clients a service that truly fits into your relationship. You’ll have powerful fiduciary responsibility backing up everything you talk about with a fee-based compensation model so your clients always know you have their best interests in mind and at heart.

Stop Struggling With Your Pay Structure

The same article referenced above also points out those women and younger advisors have a tougher time getting their compensation in line with the other demographics. So quit struggling with your compensation model and worrying about selling your rates or negotiating your commission. By establishing yourself as an IAR you now have full-disclosure as the ace up your sleeve and your fees are what they are. It’s a great companion to your success at building your strong relationships.

*Source: CNBC – Female Advisers Now Manage More Money Than Men