Ideal Agent to Advisor Candidates

SimplyRIA believes that agents have almost all the skills required to succeed as a financial advisor. However, we also have found that most agents’ self-imposed limitations stand between them and the success that got them into the business. If you find yourself belonging to one of the groups below, you are alike many before you who turned to SimplyRIA for solutions.

  • Plateaus: It is very common for top-producing agents to come upon some form of stagnation over time. When you first entered the industry, you were overcome with ambition and a drive to succeed. After years of outperforming your previous term, you now see your numbers are not growing as they once were. You are successful, yet cannot find the next breakthrough.
  • Lacking Inspiration: Many agents are confined to their geographical location. They may be the top dog in their city, or even their state, but what about that guy 1,000 miles away? Chances are you don’t even know who he is nor are you trying to compete with him. You are on top in your area because you were inspired to outshine your colleagues. By creating a network of successful agents who grew their businesses from all over the world, SimplyRIA re-instills that sense of inspiration to become the best.

We now know why agents like yourself come to SimplyRIA, but what attributes make them successful? Based on our experiences we firmly believe that the ideal fit is someone who is a:

  • Proven Top Performer: We all know Pareto’s Principle: 80% of any activity is done by 20% of participants. We believe that the top 20% of the top 20% are the ones who have demonstrated qualification to pursue and handle the size or quantity of business we are looking for. Additionally the depth of their book of business lends itself to the success of the new IAR.
  • Career Oriented Ambition: The agents that have the drive and hope to grow both their contract and new business are those that truly succeed as advisors. Becoming an advisor will require hard work and dedication to grow a substantial recurring revenue stream. The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. The benefits are tremendous – you will enjoy a large guaranteed revenue base and an increased pipeline to your contracts business. Both from cross-selling your securities clients & the growth in your referrals which as you know are the easiest to close.
  • Strong Networking Skills: Becoming a successful advisor is not guaranteed if you have a large network of potential clients. You have to be able to capitalize on your existing network to convert them to clients and free them from the trappings of their buy and hope wirehouse but also need to turn them into referral machines. How you do it depends on your style, but in this business more than any other word of mouth and trusted recommendations can augment your success.
  • More Than A Salesperson: You have to be known as a client first agent already. You can be the best salesperson in the world but if you are leading clients to products with high commissions rather than their interests then becoming a fiduciary advisor is not for you. If you are known and truly pride yourself on providing clients with the best solution for their circumstance you will do well.