Ideal Advisor To Join An RIA Firm


The Advisors who prefer to join an RIA as an IAR rather than starting their own overwhelmingly share these traits. All of these Advisors are looking to realize the independent RIA benefits without becoming business owners.

Client Service

Advisors joining our premier Preferred RIAs are all dedicated to serving their clients. This extends beyond the industry standard, these Advisors truly deliver white glove service across the board.

Book Type

The books of Advisors moving to our Preferred RIAs are fairly similar. They are primarily securities based, either in mutual funds or the advisor’s individual strategies. They can include wrap accounts, but hopefully are not built around 12b-1s or Broker required asset classes such as VAs.


While we believe all Advisors & their clients would stand to gain by going pure RIA, those seeking to join a Preferred Partner RIA are looking to realize a few specific objectives in their practices.

Own Their Book

All Advisors affiliated with our preferred partners own their books of business. So at the time of exit, you can collect the full fair value of your book rather than gambling on retention packages.

Time Freedom

The structure of many of our Preferred Partner RIAs and the virtue of the pure RIA model allow advisors true simplicity. How? Advisors are not burdened by excessive blotters or registrars. Advisors are not actively responsible for money management. Instead, they play the role of relationship manager; focusing on building their book and relationships. This way Advisors can spend less time focusing on the contingent minutia and more time doing what they do best.

Powerful Solutions

All of our Preferred Partner RIAs have top tier solutions available to their clients. With investment models powered by A Smarter Way to Invest, your clients will also enjoy the wealth preserving alpha of VAPR. Our partner RIAs also have powerful fixed products available to their clients, both Life and Annuity. No matter which you join, your clients will receive investment solutions on par with your fiduciary obligation.

If you are ready to take the next step in your career to unlock a multitude of benefits including ownership of your book, recurring fee based revenues, enhanced fiduciary loyalty, and true time freedom call us today. As indicated by our “Become an IAR” page, there are many ways to join a preferred partner and realize the opportunity. Confidentially explore the options available to you now.