Open an Office

You are a qualified IAR and have the opportunity to open a Preferred RIA office in an area they have yet to enter – what an opportunity! Our Preferred Partner RIAs are ready and willing to enter new markets, and prefer to do business with vetted IARs who are also familiar with the SimplyRIA processes and eager to offer their clients’ portfolios powered by A Smarter Way to Invest. Obviously each new office represents a unique business venture, with varying levels of commitment and support so we believe in approaching this truly case by case. What you should know is that our Preferred Partner RIAs are willing to help with the launch of new branches or will step in at AUM thresholds. Obviously no matter the solution you will enjoy full back office support and compliance keeping your administration to the minimum.

Benefits of Opening an RIA

  • Many of the benefits of an entrepreneurial venture with less of the risks
  • There is no leap of faith from clients to invest with a “startup”
  • Enjoy the 1st mover advantage in your marketplace – with support of a back office
  • Case-by-case approach ensures you get the best solution for your situation and ambition
  • Get to business quickly – no registration or holdups that can be associated with an all new RIA