RIA and Annuity Agencies

You are already a top producing Annuity agency. You already have a strong rapport and access to exclusive products that your agents can’t write fast enough. Using SimplyRIA you can both capitalize and grow these same advantages you already built.

You Already Have 90% Of What It Takes

Our turnkey solutions will establish and maintain registration and compliance of your new securities business. Your top agents will be trained and licensed using our Fast Track to Successful Advisorship. They will be armed by our marketing and technology solutions – selling a new asset management product that is akin to the exclusive products you are already providing clients.

Same Skills, Agents and Client Base…New Business

The benefits of adding a RIA to your agency are 3-fold

  • Reoccurring Revenue: Sell a product that clients want and generates revenue into perpetuity
  • Recapitalize Existing Book of Business: You have already done right by your clients and can now offer a superior solution for their other assets.
  • Increased Competitiveness: Distinguish your firm by offering a full financial product line with exceptional solutions across the board.