RIA and Female Firms

You could probably view a “Female Firm” in two different ways: One that is comprised of 100% female advisors, and one that markets 100% to women as clients. Regardless, SimplyRIA has the tools and understanding to make you successful in your transition to a RIA. It’s been shown that women’s assets under management are on average 5% larger than their male counterparts. But unfortunately, even with that advantage they oftentimes make less revenue as well. Switching to a RIA can help alleviate this problem.

Stop Selling Your Commissions

A huge challenge for any financial advisor at a traditional wirehouse or broker dealer is defending your ridiculous commission structure to your clients. You can call them fees but in those environments they are commissions and spiffs. Instead, setup your RIA and sell to your female clients on integrity and trust. On a model that is fee-only, your sales pitch is simple and resonates with everyone. And, if you are a female advisor, you now get to separate yourself from those “wirehouse guys” and stand by your new fiduciary oath as a RIA.

Shatter The Glass Ceiling

Yes, we went there, and yes, we mean it. Even though women manage more assets than men, they make 16% less than their counterparts. That’s ridiculous. That’s like telling a client they are going to grow their account by 5%, but by doing so, they have to take an additional 16% tax hit. That doesn’t make sense. But with your new RIA, now your fee structure makes sense. It’s transparent, consistent and truthful. Everything your broker dealer and wirehouse environment shied away from.