RIA and Insurance Agencies

Expand the offerings of your agency and your agents by acquiring your RIA. You’ve spent years honing the skills of your agents to market, sell, and grow relationships with your clients. Your team already knows how to successfully gather assets together. Now you can expand the assets you can service and in turn make your employees and clients better off than they were. You can achieve all this with our four key benefits:

  • Synergies: Maintain continuity and the further growth of your brand.
  • Recurring Revenue: Add to your portfolio with products that increase you and your staff’s recurring revenue.
  • “Fast Track To Successful Advisorship”: We’ll handle all the hard work with getting your staff up to speed on the Series 65 Exam.
  • Client Satisfaction: Finally offer a full compliment of products to your already loyal client base.


Synergies: Keep Your Reputation, Expand Your Base

We’ve worked diligently to ensure that when you create your RIA, SimplyRIA will optimize your synergies across your business. As an existing producer group, you already have built a brand name and reputation. Your new RIA will be entirely branded to match your existing firm. You spent a career honing your skills to provide clients the best product for themselves. Using these same skills and adding a Series 65 License enables you to go back to your existing client base and play the same role. The products could be portfolios powered by A Smarter Way to Invest, which enable your client to abandon the dying “buy and hold” strategy that has left them battered over the last 10 years and achieve risk optimized returns focused on principal preservation.

Recurring Revenue: The Lifeblood of Business

As your client base is recapitalized and you grow your book of business, you grow your revenue stream. RIAs generate fees into perpetuity so long as the client relationship endures. This enables you and your staff to unlock a new lifestyle, enjoying time and money freedom.

“Fast Track To Successful Advisorship” Program

Our proprietary program is designed to make you and your staff qualified successful advisors, as fast as possible. The program lays out the path step by step from initiating your Form U4, Training, and all the way through to your Series 65 Examination.  Using the “Fast Track to Successful Advisorship” program you will be signing clients and gathering assets within 30 days.

Client Satisfaction: Offering New Solutions

People often to do business with people they like. By establishing your RIA and potentially building portfolios with A Smarter Way to Invest, you will have true simplicity. You and your staff’s roles will be more of a client relationship manager. You’ll have a fiduciary responsibility to your clients that they have never been given. You’ll truly separate yourself from any competition.