Train Your New Advisors

Your firm already has a fantastic human capital base and candidates who want to and are capable of becoming advisors to supplement their current role. They are already playing a key financial services role for their clients’, it only makes sense that they should offer a holistic financial solution. That is why SimplyRIA created our white glove Wealth Management Training and Immersion. Conducted on site with all of the candidates you select this course is intended to arm them with the skills and knowledge to not only act as a financial advisor but truly excel as one. There is no faster way to grow your firm’s offerings across the board or to put assets under management.

Wealth Management Training and Immersion

Here is an overview of what is covered during your white glove Wealth Management Training and Immersion sessions:

  • Introduction to Wealth Management
  • The future of Wealth Management
  • Understanding the Fiduciary Commitment
  • Investment Knowledge Essentials
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Historical Investment Perspective by Asset Class
  • Successful Client Attraction and Retention: Your Value Proposition
  • Holistic Smarter Solutions Building
  • Current and Future Issues in Finance
  • Building Your Rapport
  • Setting Up Client Accounts and Other Critical Process Familiarization