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So you’ve decided to take the plunge toward starting your own RIA but where do you begin?

SimplyRIA’s proven process for setting up RIA’s will remove the stress of navigating this complex process on your own, which in turn will allow you to transition into focusing on what you do best; retaining and acquiring new clients for your firm.

Getting Started with SimplyRIA

Starting your own RIA is a daunting task when you’re doing it on your own. Compliance, forms, documents, State or SEC requirements, etc. Not only are you looking for help with the paperwork and overall process, but also the ins and outs of running your own business. 

You need a website, online presence, marketing materials, and more. You need to find everything from financial planning tools, clients forms, a custodian, and possibly an asset manager. On top of that, you no longer have the “support” of your old wirehouse or broker/dealer. 

We offer everything you need from A to Z, as much or a little as you want. Our process of understanding your practice and what is important  to you and your clients will help us determine what services, support and technology needs are right for you.

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Learn About Your State Requirements

Are you interested in learning about state specific requirements? Click the button and select which state you would like to learn more about.

Benefits Of Starting Your Own RIA

Starting your own RIA and the independence this will create gives you the autonomy to run your practice the way you want, without the limitations you currently have.

Our team of experts will alleviate the initial and ongoing burden of compliance requirements, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of owning the practice you’ve always dreamed of.