Become a Preferred Partner RIA

Becoming a Preferred Partner RIA has many advantages for all the parties involved, but as the proprietor of a new or established RIA you enjoy the most. Becoming a Preferred Partner of SimplyRIA and A Smarter Way to Invest is not a simple process – but once completed you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Rapid Growth

As a Preferred Partner RIA you are will be matched with compatible IARS who we have licensed, trained, and fully vetted. We take top tier financial services professionals or former Registered Reps of broker dealers in order to produce IARs of top quality which pipeline your expansion both dominating existing markets and entering new ones. Our Preferred Partner RIAs are the FASTEST growing RIAs nationwide!

Arm Your Team

Bring your entire firm to bear gathering assets and growing your business. Our white glove training and immersion for Preferred Partner RIAs’ new IARs will truly qualify them to act as full service investment advisors.

New Markets

Be able to enter new markets using your new IARs who have the choice of being an in the field IAR or establishing a brick and mortar office of your RIA. You are obviously involved in structuring the growth – but preferred partnership is an excellent way to rapidly grow your firms footprint.

True Simplicity

As a Preferred Partner RIA your firm enjoys the SimplyRIA compliance, web, and print marketing convenience. This combined with A Smarter Way to Invest as your investment solution allows you to truly focus on serving your clients and building both new and existing relationships.

Endorsement by A Smarter Way to Invest

A Smarter Way to Invest will proudly recommend your firm and your firm’s branches as one of its premier preferred partner RIAs. This has several advantages chiefly – generating new leads from A Smarter Way to Invest and its marketing.