IMO Producer Groups

Your IMO Producer Group is running like a fine oiled machine. You’ve got specific products for your carriers, your agents are rocking and you’re feeling good about your situation. Now imagine going back to your entire client base, every single one, and offering them a solution that provides recurring revenue for not only you as the IMO, but your agents too. It may sound too good to be true but it’s attainable when you setup your own in-house RIA.

The IMO to End All IMOs

Even with unique product offerings it can be tough for an IMO to differentiate itself on the products offered. If you can’t get that unique product that everyone wants you’re competing on fees with other IMOs. But, now you can change the game in your favor. By setting up your RIA with SimplyRIA you’ll have everything you need to succeed. You’ll have the turnkey solutions you need to support your agents in passing their Series 65 Exam. We have staff to convert your marketing materials and update your online presence. Think about a recurring revenue product, all strings attached, ready to go within 30 days. It’s going to change your business forever.

Support Your Sales

Unlike most offerings competing for the creation of your RIA, we offer comprehensive sales training support. Your agents will be able to put their Series 65 to good use right away by being able to articulate what makes the IAR and RIA model so much better for their clients. While your organization is getting up to speed, you have full support that dynamically changes to overcome any issue you might have. We don’t just want to setup your RIA, we want to ensure your success too.