Leave Your Broker Dealer

In case you haven’t noticed that giant elephant in the room we’d like to offer an obvious statement: The Broker Dealer (BD) is an aging dinosaur that is soon to be extinct. Maybe you’ve realized this and maybe you haven’t, but it’s true. So what can you do to stay ahead of the game and capitalize on “First-Mover” status? You can setup your own RIA giving you the power to say who you work with and how you want to run your organization. Say goodbye to broker dealers and wirehouses and don’t ever look back.

The Power to Pick

In the current broker dealer universe you are bound by the confines of the system. You don’t get to choose from a wide range of investment options for your clients. You can’t just fire your asset management company if their investments are tanking. You’re bound by the confines of your broker dealer. Eliminate that concern from your business and setup your RIA. You’ll get to pick your own asset manager to run your client portfolio or you could do it yourself. Either way, we can help. And before you go through the stress of managing it on your own, we’d invite you to check out A Smarter Way to Invest first.

Quit Defending Yourself

With the fiduciary responsibility that you now possess to your clients, you no longer have to defend your progressive commission structure and hidden fees that you were saddled with by your broker dealer. You get to present a clearer picture to your clients, one of fee-based asset management that has no hidden fees or hard to understand pricing schemes. You don’t have to defend your decision to move your client into a new investment because previously you might have gotten spiffed on that transaction. You have an oath now. Stop defending yourself and start selling yourself, setup your RIA today.

Preserve Your Licenses & Non Platform Assets

Our strategic alliances with Broker/Dealers allow you to move to the RIA platform and preserve your licenses that require a Broker/Dealer to hold and renew. This way you can enjoy the peace of mind we strive to create in our open architecture model. If your book includes non-publicly traded securities such as REITS or MLPs or other non RIA platform asset classes that you do not want to leave behind, you can bring those as well to our allied B/D without the usual burden of haircuts.