Don’t Get Left Behind

Change in the Financial services industry is rapidly accelerating

Change in the Financial services industry is rapidly accelerating. Gone are the days of confusing commission models and activity based compensation. If you have been exposed to the Broker Dealer world you have probably noticed this association can more often than not tarnish your practice. Clients often fear maligned incentives and affiliation with big name Wall Street firms who constantly create negative press for themselves. Strong arming you to run your insurance or indexed annuity business, an integral art of most holistic financial solutions, is also common practice of the Broker Dealer; forcing you to use inferior products through their partners with commission going to their bottom line. This business model is quickly eroding and it is time for you to make a change.

Leaving the Broker Dealer world means never again worrying about:

  • Termination for low production
  • Low commission payouts
  • Limited Products tethered to arbitrary quotas
  • Stagnant technology and service platforms
  • High cost of doing business
  • Dealing with FINRA

Focus on your clients

Becoming an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) will give you a key advantage over your competition: an unwavering fiduciary commitment to your client. With our turnkey solutions your work load will be what you want it to be, allowing you to decrease the effort you spend on day-to-day minutia and increase efforts simply where you desire them.