RIA and CPAs

Grow your CPA firm by extending its financial service offerings into financial planning and investment advisory. SimplyRIA knows your bread and butter is 1040 market share; we also know how much work staying compliant and on top of tax season can be. Our turnkey system will, at the least effort on your part, enable you to grow your offerings and amplify your position as the client’s most trusted advisor.

Key Synergies

Expanding your accounting firm into a RIA allows you to maintain synergies across your practice:

  • Most Trusted Advisor: You will not only serve as the client’s accountant but as their fiduciary advisor. Your compensation is fee based, which ensures your incentives are always aligned with the client’s. Our custom tailored solutions ensure your advisory capitalizes on your firm’s already outstanding reputation.
  • Easier Tax Season: Your firm already has enough hassle tackling tax season, but as a RIA, managing your client’s assets allows you primary access to their financial picture. Detailed information on the holdings and accounts from the asset custodian, and holistic picture from Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) Software.


The Transition Is Simple

Our goal is to eliminate any roadblocks you may have from pursuing the transition. We’ve tried to achieve that by thinking outside of the box and offering full turnkey solutions for you and your accounting firm. Below are just some of the ways that SimplyRIA will help you make the transition by making it all as simple as possible for you.

  • Compliance: Your plate is full with GAAP and FASB; we can handle your new RIA’s compliance. This includes not only all the administration and checking that goes into launching your new firm, but also an ongoing commitment to your new RIA. This lets you expand your business with peace of mind knowing you are not doubling your administration load.
  • Portfolios Powered By A Smarter Way to Invest: Offer your clients a level of dynamic asset management not usually available to sub HNW investors. A Smarter Way to Invest is a rules-based, algorithmic trend identification system that employs active hedging and true risk optimization to ensure your clients spend less time recovering losses and more time growing their wealth. Offering portfolios powered by A Smarter Way to Invest allows you to match your commitment to your clients.
  • Marketing Material: Full compliant and effective marketing suite so you can immediately establish the new financial planning side of your practice. Includes Website, Print Materials, Seminars, and more.
  • Technology: iPad/Android custom Financial Needs Analysis Software and a Paperless System


There has never been a better time than now to start delivering a more comprehensive solution to your clients through your new RIA. At SimplyRIA, we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure that you can achieve that transition as quickly and easily as possible. To learn more about how your firm can benefit, contact us today.