RIA and Small/Mid-Size Banks

As a bank you have already developed a professional management team, established positive rapport, and earned the trust of your clients. Serve them better by expanding your bank into wealth management and retirement planning, increasing non-interest revenue potential and deposits.

You Already Have Enough Compliance, We’ll Handle SEC and State

As a bank you already have enough regulation to deal with. Whether it’s the FDIC or NCUA, you don’t need another body to worry about. Our complete compliance solutions allow you to add a RIA piece to your business and let us handle the red tape. You won’t have to do it in house, unless you want to, and if you do, we’ll help train you and get you setup with your own Chief Compliance Officer.

Grow Your Product Offerings

Through our strategic partnerships, you’ll be able to leverage new opportunities with your clients that you currently don’t have. Plus, with a fee-based compensation model you’ll be able to be as transparent with your customers as they’d like you to be. Some of our partners offer exclusive insurance and annuity products that you can now leverage in your business. You’ve already got a built in customer base waiting to hear from you, enlighten them with new product offerings and the new fiduciary responsibility you’ll have as your own RIA. Offer your clients an improved alternative to the mired and maligned incentives of big wirehouses and broker dealers. Using SimplyRIA we will establish you as a fiduciary RIA, meaning by law and by incentive you are pursuant to the clients’ interest.

And by offering holistic financial services, which could serve as a catalyst for new growth in non-interest income and deposits, you’ll strengthen your own balance sheet and business model while preserving if not improving your CAMELS.