Succession Planning

When the day comes that you want to move on to the next step in life SimplyRIA is here to offer you the full fair value of your firm, so you can build your book with confidence that you will reap what you sow. We understand you spent your career building your book, and approach each succession planning case as a unique situation with solutions tailored to your strictest requirements. Even as a wirehouse advisor or IBD you can ensure your clients are served as you would continue to by offering them the RIA advantage.

Two Paths to Benefit

Succession Planning with SimplyRIA can go one of two distinct pathways to match your preferences and career stage.

A Few Years Away

For advisors who are between two and seven years from exiting the business and want to get peace of mind that comes from planning ahead, our Preferred Partner RIAs are excited to transition you to their platforms in advance of your retirement. This method of succession planning offers many distinct advantages for you and your clients. At the time of the transition, whichever Preferred Partner RIA you join will competitively compensate you as an advisor in addition to any transition compensation associated with your buy/sell agreement. This way your clients’ go through the transition to Smarter portfolios with you, their trusted advisor. This means at the time of your exit your book’s optimum valuation is preserved by minimal client attrition enabled by comfort with the firm and minimal effort required when changing advisors. Don’t rely on your wirehouse or LPL to treat you and your book fairly when the time comes.

Successful Succession Soon

For advisors who are looking to exit the business more immediately SimplyRIA is proud to facilitate succession planning with its Preferred Partners. The Preferred Partner RIAs are all client oriented fee based firms with powerful investment solutions and commitment to transparency. The transition period is structured and the book you worked so hard to build is not only preserved but served at the level you have consistently delivered.