2 or More Years

This is by far the best pathway to conduct your succession plan. Just like you help your clients plan for their future, so can you prepare yourself and your clients for the most smooth and successful transition. SimplyRIA has close-ties to growth minded premium RIAs – all of which we have vetted as experienced and dedicated to delivering white glove service to your clients.

How does it work?

Getting in touch with us for your succession plan, you will confidentially share some basics about your book and we will partner you with compatible Partners. We will also share with you some of the basics about possibly joining a Partner RIA.

Once you’ve decided you like what you see, and are moving to a space where you own your book, enjoy full back office support, and unlock superior fee-based revenue. SimplyRIA executes a deal where you contract with the firm until your exit from the business and at that time you simply sell your book at fair market value to your RIA.

Oh yeah, all of our Partner RIAs are members of Protocol, so you’re bringing your book with you no matter where you are now

What if I am not content with the offer from my RIA at the time of my exit? Well, you own your book that is not in question. While you do have a first right of refusal with your RIA there are clauses to protect both parties. Chiefly, you are going to get fair independent value of your book.

At your time of exit you will receive a lump sum for an agreed upon percentage of the TEV (Transactional Enterprise Value) where the remainder of the note is a 1-3 year note payable with interest.


Benefits of the structured relocation and subsequent succession plan:

  • Enjoy competitive fee-based compensation
  • Minimize attrition of your clients
  • Maximize value of your book
  • Fair valuation not a one-off deal
  • Low stress transition to retirement