Trust Lawyers

Trust Lawyers

So you are already established as a go-to trust lawyer in your area. You are a master of it all, from irrevocable trusts to intentionally defective trusts you can best fit a legal structure to a client. Fantastic, now you have a turnkey way to build a dominant total wealth management firm of your own.

Distinguish Yourself

Less than 10% of your peers are engaging in securities business. Granted most trust lawyers aren’t money managers but we have a variety of solutions for that as well. Long short is that by offering your clients total wealth management you can stop referring out business and start building a recurring revenue that benefits your clients. Their entire financial picture is at your hands, enabling you to best serve them.

Benefits of Becoming a Full Service Advisor

  • Grow Your Business: You have built a successful book and network, why wouldn’t you capitalize on that? Becoming a holistic wealth manager also grows your trust pipeline.
  • Compliance is Handled: SimplyRIA is here to support your compliance. This way you can continue to focus on your clients and not on minutia while growing your business.
  • Distinguish Yourself: With so few independent trust lawyers in the securities business, it will be another way to distinguish your services from your peers.
  • Better Serve Your Clients: If you employ investments powered by A Smarter Way to Invest you can offer your clients powerful dynamic asset management and further augment your ability to focus on clients while expanding your business.