100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’re excited to get your new career path under way. You may have anticipated this move for a while now or just got fed up and realized we could help you facilitate the transition. Regardless, you feel like time is not on your side as you anticipate your grand opening of your new future. That’s why at SimplyRIA we’d like to put your mind at ease.

59 Days Or Compliance Is On US!

We understand the time crunch you’re feeling. And 59 days might seem like an eternity. But if you get us every document and piece of information we ask for as soon as you can, we guarantee that you will be up and running with your registration within 59 days or you’ll receive $500 off your fees even if it’s the bureaucratic red tape that holds it all up!

Also, if you use our suite of turnkey solutions, you’ll have the following also setup within that 59 days:

  • Your customized SEO enhanced website
  • Total SEM Dominance
  • Your customized brochures, flyers, folders, invitations, etc.
  • Your customized iOS/Android FNA Software
  • Your customized iOS/Android Paperless System
  • Your customized and secure iOS/Android ACAT forms


Nobody else in the industry can offer (or does offer) a guarantee like that.

The Only Exception

If you’re registration and/or licensing fails because of inaccurate information disclosure or for prior or ongoing disciplinary action by regulatory bodies, we are in no way responsible and will not administer a refund.