A Smarter Way to Invest

We’ve chosen to partner with a third party asset management firm known as A Smarter Way to Invest. They provide advanced money management techniques that power a truly risk optimized approach. All decisions are made through a disciplined formulaic process by identifying trends and constantly re-positioning to get the results needed for all levels of risk tolerance. If the need arises, they’ll even completely move to the sidelines allowing your clients to spend less time recovering losses and more time growing their wealth.

Utilize It Your Way, A Smarter Way

The third party asset management offered through A Smarter Way to Invest can be utilized on your current investment services group, where A Smarter Way to Invest acts as a separate account manager (SAM). Their securities filtration system can be tailored to social screening preferences, granting your concerned clients peace of mind that their investments are driving sustainable ethical growth in the global marketplace.

Give your clients access to truly risk optimized returns and a bias towards principal preservation by powering their portfolios with A Smarter Way to Invest. Utilizing algorithmic trend identification and their advanced securities filters, A Smarter Way to Invest is constantly maintaining each model to adhere to its respective risk tolerance and objectives.  With the ability to move to cash and hedging vehicles, your clients will spend less time recovering and more time growing their wealth.