Paperless Technology

Business is driven by technology, you already know this. We developed and constantly update our technology package so you can stay ahead of your competition and best serve your clients. Unlike wirehouses who are subject to oversight by FINRA and overcoming their own inertia, we are able to and in fact pride ourselves to stay on the cutting edge. Our technology package will provide you a custom branded iOS/Android paperless client acquisition system, paperless electronic ACAT, and live dynamic discounted FNA access. This way you can grow your business quickly and provide your clients 24/7 access and tracking to their finances and financial plan.


Benefits of the SimplyRIA Technology

  • Paperless System: Stop struggling with the amount of paperwork that always seems to be waiting to get lost and start using an entirely branded digital system.
  • Electronic ACAT: Don’t fear your competitions’ conservation departments; know that as you start a new client relationship the assets are on their way to your platform.
  • Live Dynamic FNA: Give your clients the tool they deserve so they can better understand and appreciate your vital role. Using this software, the live 24/7 FNA we know to be very useful can be yours at a discount. It’ll also be branded to seamlessly fit into the rest of your business.