Training and Immersion

Take advantage of our intensive training program to become a successful relationship and wealth manager or build a team of relationship wealth managers. Our proprietary training system affords you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in this wealth management & financial advising field and deliver on concepts that even senior advisors struggle with.

Basic Overview:

  • Introduction to Wealth management
  • The future of Wealth Management
  • Investment Knowledge Essentials
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Historical Investment Perspective by Asset Class
  • Successful Client Attraction and Retention: The Value Proposition
  • Holistic Smarter Solutions Building
  • Current and Future Issues in Finance
  • Building Your Rapport

This course is intensive and intended to lay the foundation of a top tier wealth manager. Unlike many seminars or courses it is not simply intensive lecturing. The course features active participation in the form of Role Plays, Problem Solving, and Exercises.